About FiftyTwo Teapots

FiftyTwo Teapots is a personal photography project from Sheffield-based photographer Luke Avery (that's me). Following 2010's year long Sheffield 365 Project I decided that I wanted to do another year long personal project, but this time focus on a very different subject. It all began with a conversation about what to do with a blank bit of wall in our dining room and the suggestion of teapot pictures was made. While we don't have any pictures of teapots in our dining room (yet), it did provide the seed of inspiration for this project.

Throughout 2012 I will be producing a new teapot photo every Thursday, so keep checking back as the year progresses. As I'm writing this it's still early days in the project so far, so who knows where it will end up, but I'm certain that it'll be interesting. If you prefer, you can follow the project along on Flickr (link) and for info on this project, other photography stuff and random musings follow me on Twitter - @LukeAveryPhoto

If you've got an interesting teapot that you think would be great to include in the project please get in touch (you can find details of how over on the Contact page). Alternatively if you run or work for a company that makes/sells/whatever teapots and you'd like to see one of yours included then please get in touch as well.

I work as an editorial and commerical photographer. You can see more of my work at www.luke-avery.com and I am available for commissions (see the contact page for how to get in touch).

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